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    December 2015

    “A healthy diet must always be personalized”

    How do you deal with your biocuisine activities?

    Our philosophy is to be opened to the best things of each style of healthy cooking, instead of focusing just on one. When you mix different tendencies we can play around, be creative and develop a new type of cuisine.

    What is it based on?

    It is a plant based and toxic free cuisine, centered on fresh and organic products. We think that diets must adapt to people according to their constitution and health.

    Are there foods you don’t like?

    I avoid completely precooked food, canned, everything that has additives, cookies, carbonated drinks … And watch out for gluten and dairy.

    You are also careful with utensils.

    I try to make toxic free diets and some utensils do not meet those requirements. It is important to exclude pans containing teflon or lead;. the microwave.


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