“The world of healthy eating is full of marketing” - Vanessa Losada

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    “The world of healthy eating is full of marketing”

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    February 2016

    Talking about healthy eating has become a controversial issue. We already know that it is fashionable and has become a growth trend. Vanessa Losada, ecofood & eating designer will help us clarify some of these concepts.

    Losada has advised different hoteliers to implement the healthy in their business

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    . In addition, he teaches courses on biococina for hospitality professionals and the general public.

    Are hospitality entrepreneurs aware of the direction of healthy eating?

    There is much to do. Young entrepreneurs are more aware of these tendencies. Instead of going for traditional cooking, they are innovating and approaching healthy cooking.

    Is there also a lack of education?

    There is a lack of education among chefs, restaurant managers and owners that must be able to train and guide their team. They should be aware of the best organic suppliers, cost evaluation of healthy organic products, details of each product and how it should used, etc…


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