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    The Veggies Club

    Mujer hoy

    October 2015

    Vegetarian fever is at its best, but what’s new? How much of truth and how much of myth? Four women who have chosen this life option tell us their reasons

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    Vanesa Losada “food is everything: creativity, pleasure, surprise”

    My diet. “Toxic free plant based diet.  Rich in fresh, organic, local and seasonal products. I like to incorporate and adapt the best of each healthy diet according to my needs.- ”

    My body notices … “Physical and mental stability.”

    I never eat. “Dairy, meats, refined, industrial products and gluten”.

    Cast out diets. “I prefer combining  the best of each diet and observe how you feel.”

    My commandments. ”Make five light meals; chew well; sit upright while eating; use toxic free pots and pans, store food in glass and never use microwave; get rid of cans.”


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