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    1. Seller information.

    Any query, suggestion, incident, complaint or claim regarding a purchase made at www.vanessalosada.com, must be communicated by sending an email to the following address: hola@vanessalosada.com

    2. Product information

    Vanessa Losada reserves the right to stop providing or facilitating access and use, at any time and without prior notice of any of the different type of products offered.

    3. Orders

    Orders can be made through the online store or by email.
    Vanessa Losada will send an email to the client, with the purchase confirmation; details and product (s) characteristics, price, shipping costs and data related to payment will be detailed. The order confirmation sent by Vanessa Losada is not valid as an invoice, only as proof of purchase.

    • Online store: we accept credit card and PayPal payments. Vanessa Losada reserves the right to modify the payment system (s) at any time and without prior notice.
    • By email: you can send us your order to hola@vanessalosada.com with your personal information and delivery address. For e-mail orders only bank transfer payments are accepted. 

    4. Availability

    Availability is defined on each product sheet. A product may be out of stock and does not appear as such due to the update timing of computer system. If this were the case, Vanessa Losada would contact the customer to find a similar available product or proceed to refund.

    5. Shipping

    We send orders by post according to the shipping area.
    Correos gives 24 hours to claim any shipment damage or deterioration derived from transport. You can claim by sending an email to hola@vanessalosada.com within 24 hours working days. Those claims received 24 hours after having signed the delivery note will not be accepted by the Correos.

    6. Shipping costs




    Spain delivery time will be between 3 to 7 business days, starting from when the order confirmation email is received. 

    International shipments delivery time will be between 8 to 15 business days, starting from when the order confirmation email is received. 

    7. Payments

    The company will not be responsible for any type of commission derived from a transfer or card payment from another country, with any other currency, etc. This type of commission will always be borne by the issuer. Orders will be held until full payment has been completed.

    • Card payment
      This payment option must be done through the website on PayPal platform. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to make a payment. The most used types of cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard…
    • Bank Transfer (exclusive for orders made by email)
      Once your order has been placed, we will send you a Proforma invoice with our account number, for the client to make advance payment

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      .  Once the payment notification has been received, we will proceed to send your order and corresponding invoice.

    • Triodos Bank checking account number:
      IBAN: ES82 1491 …. …. …. ….
      Concept: name and surname, proforma invoice number.

    Orders will remain pending payment for a maximum period of 7 days, if after this period we have not received notification of the payment, it will be automatically canceled.

    All prices on the website include VAT.

     8. Cancellations, returns and exchanges

    Cancellations prior to payment will be effective once you send us an email to  hola@vanessalosada.com indicating on the subject field: “cancellation and order number”
    For cancellations after payment, before shipment has been made, send us an email to  hola@vanessalosada.com indicating on the subject field: “cancellation of payment and order number”, so that we can refund the amount paid.

    The client has the right to withdraw from a purchase, by contacting VanessaLosada through hola@vanessalosada.com , if done within a period of fourteen (14) business days, starting from when the product is received,  
    In order for VanessaLosada to make a full refund, the customer must send an email to hola@vanessalosada.com (indicating name and surname, item to be returned, reason, order number, date of order, order reception date, form of payment and card or account number from which you made the payment) and a copy of the delivery note or invoice. The Customer shall be responsible for the direct cost of returning the Product

    The customer must send the product unused, with original packaging; and via a secure shipping method and with the necessary guarantees to ensure that the returned goods arrive in perfect condition. No refund of the product will made unless the product is returned according to the details specified above (in its original packaging and in perfect condition)

    The customer must return the product within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days, once VanessaLosada indicates the form of refund.
    VanessaLosada is not responsible for possible damages in return shipment transportation. If the product arrives damaged by the transport agency, VanessaLosada will notify the customer within 24 hours, in order for the customer to proceed with the appropriate claims.

    Error in the order
    In case the product is not the one corresponding to the customer’s order, the client has 7 days from reception of the order to notify  the incident by email to hola@vanessalosada.com, giving the order number and explaining the error. In response, VanessaLosada will send an email with the instructions to be followed by the client.

    The correct product will be sent or if not available, VanessaLosada will refund the amount paid on the credit card or other payment method used, as long as the product has not been used, altered or manipulated and has the original packaging.
    VanessaLosada will be responsible for any extra transportation costs that may arise.
    * We will not accept any exchange or return if we have not previously received notification. *

    9. Modification of the conditions of sale

    These conditions may be modified at any time by VanessaLosada. In addition, any commercial offer presented on the web may be modified at any time.

    10. Acceptance of the conditions of sale

    Any purchase through www.vanessalosada.com necessarily implies the acceptance of these Conditions of sale.


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