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    Show Cooking


    Show Cooking


    Crafted plant based cooking demonstrations and team-building experiences to enjoy a new gastronomic adventure, for a varied collection of clients.

    In collaboration with other professionals I have held breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, press days and any celebration that requires a professional service.

    Events can be held at your company or workplace

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    . You can also choose one of our collaboration spaces depending on dates, availability and number of people.

    Our cuisine is organic plant based, mostly egg free, dairy free (optional), gluten free (optional) and refined sugar free.



    The essence of these culinary experiences is to create a cooperative learning environment and develop interpersonal communication skills through specific cooking activities, reducing stress levels and improving our quality of life.

    Experienced professionals will guide participants in the creation of a collective breakfast, lunch or dinner menu, that will be eaten at the end of the event.

    Suggested topics

    Cleansing with juices and seasonal smoothies

    Tupperware balanced lunch

    Recipes to improve your performance

    Chefs creative healthy Biocuisine

    Healthy seasonal cooking for beginners

    Reducing stress with a healthy lunch

    Ayurveda Indian Biocuisine

    Unknown Italian Biocuisine

    Guilt free healthy sweets

    Anti-aging Biocuisine

    The perfect breakfast to face the day

    Superfoods healthy snacks

    Christmas plant based menu

    Lose weight & gain health

    Easy quick healthy recipes

    If you are thinking of organizing a show cooking experience write commenting on your needs and I will contact you as soon a possible


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