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    Online 21 days health coach program

    590.00 / TAX INCLUDED


    The 21-day online nutritional coaching program is an exhaustive program to dive deeply into the keys to healthy eating and healthy cooking. You will also have a cleaning and purification plan to restore your balance, vitality and lose weight. This complete food coaching plan allows you to incorporate and expand your knowledge not only about healthy eating, but also about yourself, your lifestyle and the relationship with your emotions. After 21 days of practice and monitoring you will be prepared to manage your own conscious healthy diet and sustainable lifestyle. The cleaning plan + 16 days anti-inflammatory diet will detox your blood and cells, reestablish body functions, balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation caused by stress and modern diet. This online healthy eating plan is carefully designed for you to easily follow it at home, while we monitor your progress.

    • Re-educate your palate, eating and mastication habits.
    • Improve your health, well-being and quality of life.
    • Recognize your emotions and their relationship with food.
    • Restore gut health.
    • Reset your body, making digestions easy and helping you lose weight. 
    • Take responsibility for your health and well-being, while improving your self-esteem.
    • Radiant skin and a clear complexion
    • Rearrange your eating habits.
    • Clean your body and eliminate toxic substances that can affect your health.
    • Learn how to eat balanced and nourish yourself. 
    • Increase your energy and vitality.
    • Improve sleep quality.
    • Benefit from active listening in your day to day.
    • Clarity on what to eat to look and feel their best.
    • Reduce stress, anxiety and balance your nervous system.
    • Reduce inflammation, pain and fatigue.

    • A first personal interview to make an assessment of your problem, health status and goals, in order to plan our health strategy.
    • We will detect your unhealthy eating habits & limitations to help you change them. 
    • 7 day cleansing plan.
    • Food, supplement, and health product recommendations.
    • Tutorial video & ebook: New foods, properties and how to use them.
    • Tutorial video & ebook: Antinutrients.
    • Tutorial video: Toxic food & utensils guide. 
    • Tutorial video: Mindfulness cooking practice.
    • Customized guides, recipes, meal plans and action steps.
    • Ebook with 21 specific recipes to encourage your diet change.
    • Tips on how to reorganize your kitchen, improve functionality and create a new pantry that makes healthy eating easy. 
    • Preparing a grocery list with foods that suit you best and will lead to healthier food choices.
    • Tutorial video: The digestive function.
    • Tutorial video: Active listening and mastication practice 
    • Guide for eating out.
    • Tutorial video & ebook: Food, life and emotions
    • Tutorial video: Healthy Habits program.
    • Tutorial video: Weekly meal plan. 
    • Online weekly monitoring

    1. Welcome email:

    • Where you will finde the date of our personal interview.
    • Questionnaire that you have to fill out and forward within 4 days.
    2. Personal interview (by phone or video conference):
    • Assessment of your goals, personal and health situation.
    • Restructuring your bad habits, relationship with food and other obstacles.
    • Explanation of health program development.
    3. Week cleasing plan:
    • Meal plan and guidelines for 3 days.
    4. Diet & educational session
    • Documentation and video: New foods, properties and how to use them.
    • Documentation and video on: Toxic food and utensils guide.
    • Educational video: The digestive function.
    • Educational video and documentation on: Food, lifestyle and emotions.
    • Adapted diet to your needs.
    5. Tutorial videos:
    • Active listening, chewing and mindfulness.
    • Active listening, chewing and mindfulness.
    • Mindfulness cooking practice.
    • Weekly meal planning menu.
    • Healthy lifestyle practice program.
    6. Coaching process and cooking plan Coaching process and kitchen plan:
    • Kitchen organization plan and task schedule.
    • Guide for eating out.
    • 21 recipes ebook and shopping list. 
    7. Tracing:
    • Six follow-up sessions of 30 min each. Once the diet has been sent and the other five sessions will be carried out every other day, once the kitchen plan has begun.


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