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    Online17 Oct 2020

    Online gluten free and lactose free vegan dough course I. Available in Spanish, soon in English.

    45.00 / TAX INCLUDED

      Participatory online workshop with live theoretical sessions on Meet and HD videos of each recipe. Perfect for those who are gluten intolerant, but also for others who want to make healthier lifestyle choices. You will be introduced to the best gluten-free flour options and get the chance to sit down to tuck into your delicious creations after the workshop.

      You will develop your culinary skills in the field of healthy cooking and learn different ways of working with organic doughs, that you can enjoy on a day-to-day basis, taking care of your intestine, inflammation and weight.

      What are you going to learn:

    1. Thorough understanding of gluten-free ingredients and how to use them successfully
    2. Identify the difference between vegan gluten-free, ketogenic, low-carb, paleo doughs
    3. You will also learn how to make your own gluten-free flour blends

    • The course is divided into 7 intensive modules and 10 lessons
    • Module 1 (video conference): Gluten characteristics and health.
    • Módulo 2 (video conference): Cooking gluten-free keys, techniques, tools and ingredients.
    • Módulo 3 (video recipe): Crust and Bases
      • Ketogenic quiche with spinach, leek and fresh herbs
    • Module 4 (video recipe): flat doughs
      • Dried tomato focaccia and sage
      • Paleo socca with eggplant, pumpkin and pesto
    • Module 5 (video recipe): Stuffed doughs
      • Tomato galette with sea salt, pepper and black garlic
    • Module 6 (video recipe): Pasta
      • Low carb carrot and almond gnnochi with rosemary and mushrooms
    • Módulo 7 (video conference): questions and answers, closing chat.

    • Calls. Start and ending dates:
      • 11 January 2021/ 20 January 2021
      • 27 January 2021/ 5 February 2021
    • Videoconferences timings:
      • 11 January 2021 at 7pm (90 minutes) / 20 January 2021 at 7pm (60 minutes)
      • 27 January 2021 at 7pm (90 minutes) / 5 February 2021 at 7pm (60 minutes)
    • Bookings: Course reservation will only be valid once advance payment is made.

    • More than 120h of HD video lessons
    • 5 Video and downloadable recipes + shopping list + utensils
    • Online store 10% discount on VA Madrid products (does not include the store's affiliate products).
    • 10% discount on 3 monographic courses



    All necessary material for the workshop is provided. If a customer has any food allergy or intolerance, they must notify them by email to before making the payment and reservation of the workshop.Vanessa Losada is not responsible for any incident derived from the consumption of foods that are contraindicated and can cause reactions in people with allergies or food intolerances.

    Our recipes and food proposals may vary according to the season.


    All prices include VAT.
    Payment and reservation is made in advance through the website
    Reservations will only be valid once the payment has been made, verified and received.



    Vanessa Losada reserves the right to cancel the workshop / experience for not having a minimum number of reservations. If that is the  case, Vanessa Losada will notify clients at least 3 days in advance, before the event takes place and refund reservation payments.
    Workshops /experiences cancelled by a cliente must be notified through email at least 3 days before the course is held at, in which case Vanessa Losada will give the client the possibility of exchanging it for any other workshop / experience that is carried out, without an expiration date. In no case will Vanessa Losada refund the amount of the workshop / experience.



    Maximum capacity 7 people of workshop / experience.
    The uses of a mask is mandatory throughout the workshop / experience and safe distance between attendants will be left.
    Those recipes that are raw will only be prepared by the teacher with the corresponding protection.
    We have sanitizing gel, disinfectant mat and gloves.
    The space will be ventilated during classes and disinfected after each workshop / experience.
    In the event of new confinement or cancellation of the workshop / experience due to force majeure, Vanessa Losada will give the client the possibility of exchanging it later for any other workshop / experience that is carried out, without an expiration date. In no case will Vanessa Losada refund reservation payments of the workshop / experience.


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