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    Handmade ceramic Fermentation Crock. VA Design

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    Handmade decorative and functional limited edition ceramic fermentation crock. Designed to make homemade fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, olives and even kombucha or kefir…

    Inspired in ancient China fermentation crocks: the lid rests on a narrow water groove to form a perfect airtight seal, preventing oxygen and bacteria getting inside and allowing fermentation gases to escape.

    Each piece comes with two semicircular weights to keep fermented vegetables below brine level so they ferment evenly and safely.

    • Ceramic fermentation crock suitable for food use.
    • 4 semicircular ceramic weights
    • Includes small recipe book and user manual.
    • Size: 17cm in diameter and 10cm deep
    • Capacity: 1.3 liters
    • Weight 1.6 kg
    • White Stoneware. Toxic free enamel.
    • Wash by hand
    • Unique handmade pieces can show small variations in size and enamelling.
    • Made in Spain, in collaboration with Elena Canencia pottery.


    The fermentation crock is specially designed to facilitate the production of lactic acid bacteria, generated during anaerobic fermentations.

    We just have to introduce our brined vegetables into the fermentation crock, press them with a mortar stick and add the weights on top to prevent vegetables raising to the surface.

    Fit the lid in the water groove and add enough water to cover it halfway. Now the airtight seal protects the content inside.

    This fermentation crock is ideal for regular consumption of homemade fermented foods. It is a healthy way to restore your intestinal bacteria with probiotics and prebiotics, ensuring good gut health and strong immune system.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Put the brined vegetables in the fermentation crock.
    2. Press with the help of a mortar stick and introduce the weights to keep the vegetables from rising.
    3. Close the crock with the lid and fill the water groove halfway to protect your vegetables. Keep the groove filled with water throughout the fermentation process. Do not to open the lid.
    4. Once the fermentation is done, open your crock.
    5. Remove the weights and wash well with a brush and water. We let them dry completely before storing.
    6. Transfer your pickled vegetables to a glass jar and store in the fridge.
    7. Wash your crock by hand and let dry completely. Now you are ready  to make more ferments


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