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“Powerfood” Feed your brain

Marie Claire

February 2015

We signed a requested specialist: Vanesa Losada. Listen to an entire eminence in Ecofood and Eating.

Beneficial supplements. “Natural supplements can have side effects depending on each person. It is always better to get profesional advice before using any health supplement.  But generally speaking ginkgo biloba improves brain circulation. Phosphatidylserine develops memory and provides emotional balance. It is advisable to alsoIt take omega three, which helps the transmission of the nerve impulse … “

Myths to dispel. “It is better to avoid stimulating foods, such as guarana, coffee or ginseng, as they can be harmful in the long term by depleting our adrenal glands …”

For a good digestion. “The first thing to take in mind is our environment when eating. It should take place in a quiet atmosphere without too many stimuli. Never eat when working in front of your computer. Posture also affects digestion.

Avoid eating sweets after meals. Fruit, desserts that infusions with sugar can produce fermentation and generate flatulence. “


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