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    Food Design

    Hotel Urban

    Marcelino Bread & Wine

    Food design by Vanessa Losada at Urban Hotel (Derby Hotels). Madrid.

    “… 1954 Rita Hayworth stands out with “Gilda”, Audrey Hepburn with “Sabrina “, Grace Kelly shines in “The Indiscrete Window”..

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    . Meanwhile Pablito Calvo, a famous child prodigy, thrilled a dark Spanish society with his role in the film “Marcelino Pan y Vino”.

    “..In an attempt too take us back to these black and white moments, Vanessa Losada has created this bread and wine inspiring culinary concept. Enric Fló, baker at Pá Solá, has kneaded and shaped this inspiring approach and Miguel Angel Vaquer underlines Marcelino’s story with his wine Casa Mariol … ”

    This artistic culinary event is a trip to a world capable of transforming black & white into color, and turn straw into gold.

    And just like Rumpelstiltskin spun the straw into gold, Vanessa creates a welcome curtain made out of bread, that leads to Marcelino´s imaginary world.

    From the vine, grapes; from grapes, wine; and from wine, came the popular Spanish Tapa. The Tapa, also meaning lid, traditionaly covered the mouth of a glass of wine with a piece of bread & cheese when served, to prevent flies from falling in. This idea from the Middle Ages has been reinterpreted by Vanesss through her Crowned Red Wine Tapa as reception drink.

    Every ingredient is meant to take us to our organoleptic pile of thoughts: traditional simple flavors, aromas, recipes and images become part of our memory.

    Bread with oil & sugar, mushroom Migas with white truffle and grapes, bread & tomato, chocolate & bread, fig bread and torrijas; are served in perfect edible bread bowls, plates & spoons….which make this event a unique experience.

    Food & Eating designer: Vanessa Losada
    Coordination: Pepe García
    Master Baker: Enric Fló / Pá Solá
    Wineries: Miguel Angel Vaquer / Casa Mariol
    Graphic design and production: GRFCA Ignorance
    Teaser and promotional video: Juanjo Martínez
    Video and photos: Domingo Fernández
    Fabrics: Ribes and Casals
    Pressbook printing: Crutomen graphics (guards) / Plot (interior) / Serdisk (Galeta cd)


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