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Garlic Date

“Garlic Date” is a loving encounter with a controversial ingredient like Garlic.

Definitely an ethno-culinary journey from its Asian origin to Mesopotamia, spreading along the mediterranean the Mediterranean,  then America and finally returning to Pedroñeras, Cuenca.

This pop up dinner is composed by four creative dishes made with different types of garlic and the delicate combination of citrus  essential oils:

White garlic cream topped with pears in wine and lavender.

Warm barley and black garlic salad with violet potato and argan oil.

Garlic bites in chestnut sauce and white truffle.

Roasted garlic ice cream with dried tangerine



Graphics and communication: Fran Winberg
Concept, creativity, design of garlic lamp: Vanessa Losada and Fran Winberg
Culinary concept and menu: Vanessa Losada
Space: Simple Fabulous and More-Co



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