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    Foundations of the food

    Marie Claire

    June 2015

    Vanessa Losada. Her business card says Food & Eating designer. This specialist in naturopathic nutrition, plant therapy, naturopathy and master in fine arts, creates healthy and aesthetic menus.

    … Founder and director of El Sentido del Gusto, a biocuisine academy offers healthy eating courses. “The ritual of eating is the basis of life, it sustains everything else

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    . But it requires a whole series of actions that have an impact on the physical, social and environmental level ”.

    “I remove toxic foods that disturb the immune system, steal nutrients from the body or produce inconvenient metabolic residues such as prepared dishes, sugar, dairy, meat and gluten.”

    Food is our fuel and a balanced hypotoxic vegetarian diet can transform the four human levels: physical, vital, mental and spiritual.”

    By reducing toxins, the skin gains in firmness and elasticity, our hair shines and nails get stronger. In addition, it produces an increase in vitality by improving mood, ” she concludes.


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