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    Food Design

    Food Unplugged

    Unplugged food or acoustic dinner, disconnected from the power source.

    A gramophone indicates the tempo marking of the evening.  The table is set with slate discs plates,   and “barbecue-candles” that gently lit the room and give an aroma of roasted potato and peppers, as they are slowly cooked over the candle flame

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    On this occasion we designed an intimate raw menu dinner, carefully crafted without the use of an electric source:

    Cheerful avocado cream with crunchy cashew nuts
    Cheese falsetto with truffled tomatoes.
    Polyphonic spinach marinade with mushroom hash and pear anise cream.
    Apple climax in fig coulis.


    Acknowledgments: Mari Ángeles de Bodegas Vihucas; Mapi Hermida, Mandalay antiquarian

    Culinary concept and menu: Vanessa Losada
    Creativity: Vanessa Losada and Fran Winberg
    Graphics and communication: Fran Winberg
    Space: Mandalay


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