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Food Coaching With Vanessa Losada

Solan de Cabras

March 2017

We have recently changed our lifestyle; Healthy food, diets and detox shakes have conquered our refrigerators … but many have not yet heard about the figure of a “Food Coacher.” If there is someone who can talk about this term, that is Vanessa Losada, who has managed to fuse her two passions: art and food.

SB: What type of clients do you have as a  food Coacher?

V: Food coaching is perfect for anyone who wants to improve a specific aspect of life, somebody looking for a change or opened to personal growth. Food coaching restores balance, enhances professional performance, helps overcome eating demotivation, boots self commitment, etc …

SB: Do you think quinoa, kale and others fashionable healthy products could educate about food?

V: Fashion does not educate, they are trend movements that come and go. They spread by imitation. The most important is to be well documented, study  different sources of information and be aware of who is behind the information published.


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