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Five “Eat Girls” confess

Mujer hoy

June 2014

They share a passion: food. These demanding and tireless pioneers, transform their work into delicious art.

Vanesa Losada “Biocuisine can change your life”

Her interest in gastronomy, well-being, alternative medicine and healthy eating led Vanessa to create Menudavida Organic Food Culture, a consulting and organic catering company that proposes a new dimension of conscious eating, consumption, health and nutrition.

“We have created a 100% organic catering, Biocuisine academy, an ephemeral restaurant and eco-beach bar. We also offer culinary design consulting,” adds Vanessa, whose catering is the most requested by exclusive firms.

Her five star favorite products: Umeboshi, an unripe plum consumed in Japan, fermented almost for two years; Tamari, a Japanese fermented soy sauce; miso, fermented soy paste; and amasake, a drink made with fermented rice.


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