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Ecofood & Eating Design

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December 2014

“It is important to have a deep knowledge about our body and mind so we can recognize what we need.” From this exhaustive research through healthy habits and various socio-cultural aspects, Vanessa Losada has developed new creative methods and protocols that go beyond the duties of a nutritionist, promoting personal, physical and emotional development.

Vanessa guides, advises, trains and shows us how to listen and understand our body. She gives us tools not only to work on health problems or reduce weight, but also to reach the desired energie balance through original creative cuisine concepts with a definite conscious, ecological, sustainable and fair commitment

Vanessa, you are a specialist in naturopathic nutrition, phytotherapist, naturopath, graduate in fine arts and specialized in photography. With such a multidisciplinary profile, when was this project born? Where does the idea or the need to communicate these ideas come from?

My career as an artist and designer lead naturally towards food, eating, and health. On a creative level I have always worked on issues related to cultural identity, anthropology and sociology. Eating habits and the act of eating help us understand our cultural beliefs, our mental complexity and social structures, ultimately the essence of human behavior.

In every bite we take there is much more than to silence an empty stomach, enjoy and nourish ourselves. The ritual of eating involves a whole series of actions that have an impact on a spiritual, physical, emotional, social, economic and environmental level.


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