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    B-LikEat is a gastronomic consulting project focused on the enjoyment of healthy eating, and framed within Barceló Hotel Group innovation experiences

    Vanessa Losada has led this project of healthy eating and culinary styling for Barceló Hotels and Royal Hideaway, over two years

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    . The selection of food, exclusive eating utensils and buffet design are the key pillars of this leading project.

    This breakfast buffet program is a healthy and unique gastronomic experience focused on organic, seasonal and proximity products.

    Breakfast is no longer the most important meal of the day. It is the pending task in the shift towards a healthier lifestyle and an important aspect when choosing a hotel.

    Some of B-LikEat key elements:

    Organic sourdough bread:

    B-LikEat’s special bread selection includes more than 10 different types of bread, including organic and sourdough varieties.

    The selection of breads is garnished with healthy alternatives toppings such as cold pressed oils, homemade veggie dips, fresh herbs, nut butters or healthy syrups.

    Show Cooking:

    Guests can enjoy freshly cooked homemade dishes that include healthy pancakes, organic eggs, smoothies and natural juices.


    Words like chia, pollen, cocoa nibs or spirulina are no longer unknown in hotel buffets. These superfoods have additional health benefits and are easy to add on toast, cereals, smoothies or even pancakes.

    Breakfast Bowls:

    B-LikEat breakfast bowls include essential balancing natural ingredients. Industrial products are giving way to homemade options such as chia pudding, bircher or yogurt parfait.

    In short, B-LikEat proposal aims to take care of its guests during their stay.

    Vanessa Losada’s online press mentions for the B-LikEat project: Elle, As, Vogue, El Mundo, Cambio 16, Restauración News, Club Gourmet, Telva…


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